San Francisco’s crackdown on RVs and campers being parked overnight has expanded to 40 neighborhoods since launching in 2013, but it appears that nontargeted areas like Potrero Hill's Design District are now housing those large vehicles — and the people who live in them.

In the CBS San Francisco video below, angry resident Kelly Keith complains that the area around 16th and Vermont Streets is "a homeless convention" filled with "drinking and shooting up drugs."

While we only see one possibly homeless man sitting on the sidewalk and chowing down on Breyers ice cream and another talking calmly about how he's lived in the neighborhood for 40-some years, there is evidence of tent encampments and RVs.

Bevan Dufty, the director of homeless initiatives at the Mayor's Office, says there has been an uptick in complaints and they're going to reach out to people living there who may need housing.

A representative from the Mayor's Office and Supervisor Malia Cohen are set to meet with upset neighbors next Friday.

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