You know how Full House might be getting a revamp? Yeah, well, in today's real estate market, could any of those lovable characters actually afford that lovely Victorian they shared with their adorable brood of kids?

Let's set aside the fact that the lives of people on TV don't generally hold up to much real-world scrutiny — Monica on Friends lived in what easily a $5,000/month apartment even in 1990s Manhattan, which no sous chef could afford, and the more recent TV version of About a Boy shows single mom Minnie Driver living in a luxe Victorian duplex in what appears to be Pacific Heights, and she could never afford that either. But just for fun, Trulia ran the numbers for what the Tanners of Full House fame would realistically be able to swing on the combined salaries of a local TV host (Bob Saget's character), a musician (John Stamos's Uncle Jesse), and a stand-up comedian (Dave Coulier).

That combined monthly income would only allow them about a $6,000/mo mortgage, not the $14,000 a month that the house used for exterior shots, 1709 Broderick, would cost, via its most recent sale price of $2.9 million.

They could, however, afford something in the neighborhood of $1.23 million, which would put them in the market for something in the Richmond, perhaps. Or, if they needed more than four bedrooms (that house they lived in had something like seven), they might need to think about the deep East Bay.

As Curbed notes, the neighborhood the Tanners resided in is something that's up for debate since the fictional house could have been in Alamo Square, if you trusted the opening credits, or 1709 Broderick Street in Lower Pac Heights, or the address mentioned verbally in the show, 1882 Girard, which is actually way the hell out in Visitacion Valley. So, which to believe?

In other TV-real-estate related news, the original Real World: San Francisco house, from the 90s, is up for rent at $5,800/month. Only now it's just a 2-bedroom condo, and after a fire and an extensive renovation, it probably wouldn't sleep seven quite as easily. But you could always try.