The topics of cops and motorcycles can be divisive ones, to be sure — between the (extremely necessary) national conversation we've been having over police use (and abuse) of force, and the well-documented dangers of riding a motorcycle, I wouldn't blame you if you just closed this tab right now.

But let's admit it, both motorcycles and cops can also be quite interesting, if their frequent use as topic in TV shows and movies is any indication.

Which brings us to our headline! If you want to watch a bunch of real-life cops do motorcycle tricks, then today and Saturday are your lucky days.

Friday and Saturday, the San Francisco Police Department is holding its second-annual "Motorcycle Training and Skills Exhibition" from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days at Piers 30-32 (599 Embarcadero near Bryant Street).

At this event, which is free for spectators, expect to see members of the SFPD, their Traffic Company, their Motorcycle Unit, and the SF Police Foundation showing their stuff. You can get a taste of that in the video below, taken at the 2013 event.

Today's just the event's practice day, (so if you want to, um, learn how to fall safely, this is the day to go), and tomorrow is the official competition. The public is welcome to attend both days, SFPD spokesperson Officer Gordon Shyy says, and there are activities for kids. (If the video is any indication, it looks like teeny little purse dogs are welcome as well, but we didn't confirm that last detail with Shyy.)

In addition to our local folks, a member of Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police will also compete, and "four motorcycle officers and the Chief’s aide from the Mexican police" will also be at the shindig.

"A professional stunt motorcyclist will be performing on Saturday!!!," Shyy also noted with uncharacteristic ebullience. That motorcyclist, Jason Pullen, appears to do all sorts of things that are SERIOUSLY against the law so I'm already excited to see how the cops are going to handle that whole situation.