As predicted last year, Uber is branching out into businesses other than on-demand black cars and ride-sharing, and the first concepts are UberFresh, a lunch-delivery service currently being tested in Santa Monica, and Uber Corner Store, which TechCrunch reported was in testing in the D.C. area.

UberFresh launched today for a two-week test, with a rotating selection of $12 meals available from places like Tender Greens and a local Italian deli, promising "Hungry to happy in under 10 minutes." Under 10 minutes! Yes, it would seem that Uber is trying to harness the power of the logistics network they've already built in order to provide really speedy delivery of pre-made lunches.

The Corner Store concept sounds pretty similar to longtime L.A. delivery service Pink Dot, and the short-lived, legendary,, with drivers providing quick delivery of about 100 staple items from toothpaste to condoms to bags of Doritos. (See the full inventory list here.)

And, just like Kozmo once upon a time, there are free cookies involved. UberFresh is not only delivering those $12 lunches faster than any delivery service known to man, they''ll bring you a free cookie with every one. What was that we were saying about all these Web 3.0 food-delivery services being possibly doomed?

The company also recently tested on-demand, short-haul moving with UberMovers in Nashville and Atlanta over one weekend. And earlier this summer Uber tested out a courier service in New York City called UberRush.

So, yes, Uber may end up ruling our lives in a few years, making just about everything way too easy to get via a few swipes on a touch screen. It remains to be seen what other concepts may be lying in wait for testing here on the company's home turf, besides, you know, kittens and tamales.

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