The City of Oakland just unveiled a detailed master plan for Coliseum City, a project they forsee spanning the next 20 years that would include the construction of a new stadiums for the Raiders and the A's, as well as a new basketball arena (for a team other than the Warriors), 7 million square feet of science, technology, office, and industrial space, and almost 6,000 new housing units across 800 acres.

As Socketsite reports, the plan includes the existing 250-acre Coliseum site along with 550 more acres on the other side of the 880 freeway. It's a crazily ambitious plan for a part of Oakland that, at the present time, is not that desirable to live in, but which the city says is "currently one of California’s largest underdeveloped inner-urban, transit-served areas."

Coliseum City would ultimately, by 2035, have 7,000 residents and add 20,000 new jobs to the city.

The A's, though, are sounding pretty impatient and probably don't want to wait 20 years for all this to happen.

More renderings below. The city will having a hearing on Coliseum City's Draft Environmental Impact Report on October 1.