You probably already know this if you are currently a) at work and extra-grumpy after an extra-slow commute, or b) late for work because of the extra-slow commute, but Muni broke in several places this morning. These unseasonable drizzles of moisture are partly to blame, or something, as the Examiner reports, but it could just be your average inexplicable Muni meltdown.

The N-Judah line reportedly lost power during rush hour near Church Street, around 7:35 a.m., and others report being trapped on trains at Civic Center, as well as delays on the T line.

Aaand the Powell Street cable car died, too, saddening many tourists who braved the August rain who were forced onto inferior shuttle buses instead.

Update: BART was also experiencing delays on the Millbrae-Richmond line due to a power failure that they're blaming on PG&E. That delay, as of 10 a.m., is still 15 minutes. CalTrain was honoring BART tickets at Millbrae Station.

Update 2: The Powell cable car is back in service as of this afternoon, and Muni trains appear to be running. But riders on the 9, 28, and 44 bus routes can expect some delays.