The three-day-long food/music/comedy fest known as Outside Lands is over, and the west side of San Francisco is quiet once again. Now that the dust has cleared, let's look at some of the preliminary numbers from the event, shall we?

  • $115: The cost of a single-day pass to Outside Lands
  • $595: The cost of a three-day VIP pass to the event
  • 7: The number of stages at the fest
  • 100+: The number of artists who performed during the three-day event
  • 65,000: The approximate number of people who attended the festival each day
  • 140: The total number of people cited by SFPD for trying to sneak into the fest without a ticket during the three-day event
  • 12: The number of people who were "uncooperative" when taken to the fest's sobering center, and were therefore cited for public intoxication
  • 10: The number of people cited for selling tickets to the fest without a permit (aka "scalping")
  • 1: The number of people arrested for felony robbery at the fest
  • 1: The number of people arrested for felony narcotics at the event
  • 1,500: The number of empanadas sold by Sabores del Sur during the festival
  • 2,000: The number of waffles sold by Suite Food Waffles during the three-day event
  • 1000 lbs: The amount of cheese consumed at Cheeselands
  • 3000: The number of jalapeños Freshroll used in sandwiches they served during the event
  • 600 lbs: The amount of pulled pork Rib Whip served during the festival
  • 2000 lbs: The amount of pastrami Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen used at the fest
  • 2000 lbs: The amount of french fries Wise Sons sold
  • 55 gallons: The amount of Russian Dressing Wise Sons spread

Sources for facts and figures: Outside Lands, SFPD, and S.F.'s Outside Lands music festival food sales bigger than ever, August 11, 2014, SF Business Times