Workers discovered the body of an "unidentified male victim" that was "burned beyond all recognition" Thursday morning while cleaning up after a fire near the Caltrain tracks in Visitacion Valley.

According to KTVU, at around 4:30 a.m. Thursday, Caltrain service was halted as a track-adjacent outbuilding of the long-abandoned Schlage Lock Factory burned to the ground.

By 10 a.m., a Caltrain maintenance crew was clearing the mess when "they located a body that was burned beyond all recognition," San Francisco Fire Department spokesperson Mindy Talmadge told KTVU.

The Schlage site, which fell into disrepair after the Lock Factory's closure in 1999, has since become "an area where people may squat," Talmadge said. However, it won't stay that way for long: earlier this year, the city reached an agreement to develop the area with "nearly 1,700 low- and middle-income apartments and condominiums — along with a couple of parks, a restored and repurposed community building, and a long-promised grocery store," the Chron reported in April.

This is apparently the second fire in the area in recent days, as a late-July fire took down another building less than 100 yards from Thursday's blaze.

SF's Medical Examiner has yet to identify the man, or to determine the cause of his demise. The Arson Task Force, which is investigating the fires, urges anyone with information on the fires or death to contact them at 415-920-2944.