What would Coachella be without the reoccurring rumor that Daft Punk is going to show up? (They actually did in 2006 and Arcade Fire punked the crowd with a fake version in 2014).

Not to be outdone, SFist would like to stir the pot with some rumors in advance of Outside Lands, which takes place this weekend (August 8-10) in Golden Gate Park.

Kim Kardashian Is Crashing Kanye's Set
It's very likely that Mrs. West will show up, but probably not baby North West since daddy's 8:20 p.m. start time is a little late for a one-year-old. Reddit user Sanctified says: "Yes, she [Kim] will be there! I tried to get an interview with her at OSL but her publicist said they couldn't 'due to schedule.'" But even better would be what one Change.org user, Naimah Mumin, suggests in her Kim should perform Jam (Turn it Up) during Kanye's Outside Lands set petition (which, sadly, only has 13 supporters). Maybe Kim's music video for the 2011 single will sway you to support the cause/rumor:

Beyonce And Jay Z Will Guest (Likely At Kanye's Set)
The power couple is already in town for their On The Run tour, tonight and tomorrow at AT&T Park, so it's not completely unrealistic that they might stick around for two more days to join Kanye West on Friday (their next show is in Paris on September 12). Jay Z and Kanye would have plenty of material to perform off their Watch the Throne album, which produced more hits than Kanye's most recent album, Yeezus. But after Bey and Jay skipped Kimye's nuptials, maybe the hip-hop superstars aren't as close as they seem.

Some Artist Is Going To Talk Shit About Macklemore
Drake recently did it at the ESPY Awards, saying Macklemore doesn't make "real music," something a lot of rap fans think, even if they don't say it aloud. As you may recall, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis swept the rap categories at this year's Grammys (I know, who cares about the Grammys), but even before that, the duo's Top 40 hits such as "Thrift Shop" grew annoying and their gay rights ballad "Same Love" felt like pandering to a lot of people. So before or after Macklemore and Ryan Lewis headline on Saturday night, who might take a moment to talk shit: El-P and Killer Mike of Run The Jewels (they're too indie to care); Big Freedia (she's too classy); Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips (he has a reputation for dissing other acts and has been pissing people off of late); or Kanye (it's already happened once this year).

Chromeo Will Bring Toro Y Moi Out For "Come Alive"
The man behind Toro Y Moi is Berkeley resident Chaz Bundick and he provides the sweet vocals on the hook of Chromeo's 2014 single "Come Alive." Since he's just over in the East Bay, we can't see any reason why he won't join Chromeo at its sure-to-be-funky Friday night set. Watch Bundick in the below video for "Come Alive" (he's the janitor).

Tickets Will Go From Over Face-Value To Nearly Free By Saturday
Right now, 3-day general admission tickets to the sold-out festival are going for $343.00 on StubHub, up from the original price of $275. But we bet by the time Saturday gets going and the fog really sets in, people will be on Craigslist trying to trade a 3-day pass (only 2-day then) for a parking spot in the Outer Sunset.

And in the spirit of spreading real information to our readers, here are some changes to the festival, as reported by SF Weekly:

  • There will be more video surveillance throughout the festival.
  • There will be more refillable water stations from three, 2,000-gallon tanks.
  • Totems, the often-lit up staffs and flags that people use to keep a group together at a crowded festival, will be permitted. They have to be made of light material (swim tubes, light plastic, or balloons), no taller than six feet and thicker than half an inch, and no wood, metal, or PVC is allowed.
  • Oh and wearing a Native American headdresses is still permitted, but just don't do it.