The United States Postal Service announced a month ago that it'd be putting out the fifth in its Music Icons series of commemorative stamps, featuring Janis Joplin. Given Joplin's historic connection to San Francisco and its music scene, the Janis Joplin Forever stamp, complete with psychedelic typeface, will go on sale for the first time at Outside Lands this weekend.

The collectible stamps will be on sale in Hellman Hollow during the fest.

As the New York Times noted, the stamp shows Joplin "in a shot familiar from the cover of her In Concert album, released in 1972, two years after her death, and showing her in bright spirits, wearing rounded, lightly tinted sunglasses, with a feather boa over her hair.

Joplin had an apartment in the Upper Haight at 122 Lyon Street in the 1960s, and she lived in what's now dubbed the Janis Joplin House at 635 Ashbury Street.

Previous stamps in the series have honored Johnny Cash, Tejana star Lydia Mendoza, Ray Charles, and Jimi Hendrix, whose stamp was issued in March.

Below, hear her sing "San Francisco Blues."