Being the hub of techie San Francisco, Inner SoMa is the geographical limit of a new app that connects people in cars desperate to park with people who are willing to park them, for a $15 fee. Yes, MonkeyParking may be gone, but what's stopping people paying random other people to park their cars for them? What could possibly go wrong?

As Tech Chronicles reports, the app is called Zirx, and the service is available 7 a.m. into the evening hours (I guess depending on valet parker availability) on weekdays only.


Zirx says its agents [valets] are given extensive background checks and screened for clean driving records. Drivers receive paid meals every day and bonuses for good reviews. The company offers a $1 million insurance policy for each car it parks and an additional $1 million policy for any injuries suffered by an agent while working.

Here's their full coverage map. It's basically all of SoMa and the Embarcadero down to King, over to 8th Street. If it's successful, that map is likely to grow.

I guess we can chalk this up in the good-news column for recent college grads who can't find decent jobs despite the economic boom? Sorry, Gen Y. There are a damn lot of you.
You may have to park cars and drive a Lyft for a while.