Since the All-Star break, the Giants hit the road and have gone 5-1 and reclaimed first-place in the NL West! No, wait, that was last week. Crap.

It's this oppressive weather. What is that bright circle in the sky? It's supposed to be July in San Francisco? Come back for one week in September like a good sun! Sweating on my way to and from BART each day saps whatever get-up-and-go I have, and the same is true, it seems, of the Giants. There's no other explanation. It's science.

Since beating the Phillies last Wednesday, the Giants have lost five straight games, lost first-place, and lost all hope for the season. Ok, that last part is not true, but when you're in a five-game losing streak, the middle three of which were against the Bums — the Bums! — it feels that way. In the first six games since the All-Star break, the Giants outscored opponents 35-18. In the last five, they've scored 5 runs and allowed 24. And as the Giants have shown by losing six straight in June, there's always room to do worse. How's that for motivation?

Oh, and also, have you gone to a Giants game at AT&T lately? They lost, right? Of course they did. Since June, the Giants have gone 9-20 at home.

Ok, that's enough doom and gloom. There's plenty to look forward to. For example, Angel Pagan may, possibly, theoretically, conceivably return to the line-up in the foreseeable, not too distant, any day now future. Hurry back, Angel! Run, don't walk, but for the love of God, don't trip and fall and wind up back on the disabled list, making thousands of Giants fans cry into their pillows, because we will. Brandon Belt could also make his return to the line-up this week, but after having sustained a concussion, I wouldn't blame him if he takes his sweet time.

July is coming to a close and the Giants are in second-place, tied for the 5th best record in the NL. That's, you know, not that bad. The dog-days are upon us and the Giants just have to fight through to keep themselves in contention come September. In the meantime, for all of us who have gone to a game in the past two months, let's keep our jinxing behinds at home and let the next shift have their go.

Season To-Date: 57-49 (.538), 2nd Place in the NL West (2 games)

Last Week
Mon: at Philadelphia (WON)
Tue: at Philadelphia (WON)
Wed: at Philadelphia (WON)
Thu: at Philadelphia (lost)
Fri: against the Bums (lost)
Sat: against the Bums (lost)
Sun: against the Bums (lost)

This Week
Mon: against the Pirates (lost)
Tue: against the Pirates
Wed: against the Pirates
Thu: OFF
Fri: at New York Mets
Sat: at New York Mets
Sun: at New York Mets