Diners at Jackson Fillmore (2506 Fillmore Street) in Pacific Heights on Thursday were treated to some street theater in the form of a one-woman tech bus protest. As 7x7 reports via one of the witnesses at the restaurant, the woman just walked into the street in front of the bus, flipped off the driver, and refused to let the bus pass, all because she had been nearly hit in a crosswalk when the driver did a rolling stop.

Around 8:30 p.m., the unidentified woman sat on the pavement in front of the bus, which was an eBay employee shuttle, giving the driver the bird, and then got up and started screaming at him.

Per the witness, the whole confrontation lasted a half hour:

She proceeded to scream at him for 30 minutes saying that this is what is wrong with SF now with all of these corporate buses and how he could have killed her. She would not give it up and continued to direct traffic, letting every other car behind him go by, refusing to let him go.

We eagerly await the formal apology from eBay's PR team. San Franciscans do not mess around when it comes to stopping at crosswalks, tech bus or no.