A couple who were headed to Kaiser Hospital in San Francisco on Friday morning were forced to pull over in the midst of traffic after the wife's water broke and the baby was wasting no time coming out. As KTVU reports, father Hanna Sahourieh of San Bruno pulled their SUV over right where 101 and 80 split off, got out of the car, got honked at several times, and came around to the side of the car where his wife, Naomi, was very close to delivering a 9-pound, 1-ounce baby boy.

As Hanna tells KTVU, "Right when I saw the head start to come out I just parked the car." And he adds that the baby just "popped right out and he landed on my hand right there."

While some women might suffer through labor for hours, Naomi Sahourieh got a good and fast surprise with her second child, who she has named Jiries Hanna Sahourieh, and who did not care to sit through another minute of morning traffic on 101. He was delivered, healthy and crying, at 10:49 a.m., and the couple drove to Kaiser anyway to make sure he got a thorough examination.

In an odd coincidence (maybe because of the heatwave?), a second baby was born on a different section of northbound 101 in Novato, on Saturday morning, also delivered by its father.