The San Francisco Police Department is is seeking any and all victims of a man they say dressed and acted like a police officer, then sexually assaulted an unknown number of women.

According to the SFPD, 35-year-old San Francisco man Jeffrey Bugai was arrested on July 10 "pursuant to a District Attorney's Warrant," and was charged with kidnapping to commit a sex-related crime, assault to commit a felony, attempted or forcible oral copulation, attempted sodomy by use of force, and kidnapping to commit a sex-related offense.

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Police say that Bugai, who the Chron reports has been a California-licensed security guard since 2002, would don a fake police uniform and drive a cop-looking car as he cruised San Francisco's Mission and Ingleside districts as well as parts of Hayward and Oakland. There, they allege, he'd target recent immigrants from Central America who had limited English-speaking skills.

“He had a uniform with a duty belt, patches, a badge on the uniform shirt,” SFPD spokesperson Officer Albie Esparza told CBS5.

“So if you are new to the country, you would assume they are law enforcement.”

Police say that Bugai would tell his victims that he was a police officer, then bring them to his home, "where he would administer intoxicants," and coerce or force the women into "committing sexual acts."

An SFPD spokesperson told the Huffington Post that "during the course of the investigation it was learned that he would threaten their lives, threaten them with deportation, threaten them with retaliation if they went to police."

Because of that, SFPD's Officer Albie Esparza tells ABC7, "It's unknown how many victims there are out there."

Bugai allegedly used handcuffs on some of his victims. and has special permits allowing him to carry a gun and baton while on duty as a security guard, the Chron reports.

This isn't the first time Bugai's been accused of pretending to be someone he's not: according to ABC7, in 1999, he pled guilty and spent time in jail after being accused of pretending to be a health care worker at a hospital in Traverse City, Michigan.

Chillingly, the Chron reports that a person identifying himself as Bugai characterized the Traverse City incident as "getting in a lil trouble while trying to amuse myself" in a posting on

It's unclear how someone with a prior conviction managed to obtain a security guard license in California, or what business or organization Bugai was employed to secure.

According to the district attorney's office, Bugai pled not guilty at his July 15 arraignment. He is expected to return to court on July 28, and remains in custody on $2,170,000 bail, according to San Francisco senior sheriff's Deputy Enrique Luquin.

Investigators are urging anyone victimized by Bugai to report the incident to police at (415) 553-0123.

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Jeffrey Bugai's "cop car": SFPD

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Photo of Jeffrey Bugai in "uniform": SFPD