Update: There's already a Tumblr dedicated to illustrating the new Airbnb logo in compromising positions. NSFW!

Today Airbnb unveiled its new logo, which you can see above, and the consensus on Twitter is that it looks like a vagina.

The San Francisco company's 32-year-old CEO Brian Chesky tells Fast Company that the logo was inspired by "the Red Cross, the Olympic rings, and probably the most important symbol of all, Batman's." He said his team looked at "thousands" of mock-ups before settling on the new logo, which is supposed to be symbol for "belonging."

A lot of other people think it's a symbol of female genitalia — or at the very least something sexual.

And a few folks think it looks like balls or a butt or both.

With a $10 billion valuation, as reported by the New York Times in April, you'd think Airbnb would be more conservative with its brand. That said, we could have a lot of fun with this logo at next year's Pride Parade.

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