Shortly after being shamed by Stanley Roberts last month for texting and using her cell phone without a headset while driving, Oakland Mayor Jean got in a fender bender on June 8 during which witnesses suggested she may have been texting at the time. The Oakland Police Department, while unable to determine who was at fault in the accident, is clearing Quan's name when it comes to the use of her cell phone — she was not, as she adamantly insisted at the time, on her phone or texting according to cell phone records.

Quan was quick to issue that denial because of the very recent shaming in the news media, and because a witness said she had run a red light because it looked as though she was looking down at her phone.

Quan was on her way to an event and passing through West Oakland at the time, and her city-leased Lexus SUV collided with the car of 36-year-old Lakisha Renee Lovely, as the Chron is reporting. It appears that one of them likely ran a red light, however both drivers insist they entered the intersection with a green light.

They do note, however, that this was not Quan's first driving incident while on the job — she previously was cited for running a red light in Newark in April 2013 and claimed she thought the had a green light at that time as well.

See a copy of the police report from the most recent incident here.