Over 4th of July weekend, a celebration turned tragic when 26-year-old Ann Zeis fell from a roof on 24th and Harrison Streets and died. Now her grieving family is searching for her MacBook Air and iPhone 5, which went missing on the night she fell.

As Mission Local reports, Zeis had been hanging out on July 4th at Blind Cat in the Mission with her roommate and some people she met at the bar. Though the exact timeline of events is unclear, at some point Zeis left the bar with these new acquaintances and ended up on a rooftop adjacent to her apartment. She was found on the sidewalk around 7:30 a.m. on July 5th, and taken to a hospital where she was put on life support, but did not recover.

When Zeis’ parents flew to San Francisco from their home in St. Louis, they discovered the devices were missing from her apartment. They’ve posted fliers throughout the Mission offering a $2,500 reward to anyone who returns the laptop and phone.

Jeff Zeis, Ann’s father, said: “Whoever did this, I have to assume would not have been necessarily aware of the fact that it was going to lead to my daughter’s death. Since it has, they might be so petrified that they threw the laptop into the Bay, or who knows at this point…so no questions asked.”

If you know anything about the belongings, the family requests you call (214) 491-8477.

Zeis had lived in the Bay Area for three years, working as a copywriter and office assistant, and volunteering as a board member at San Francisco’s chapter of Indego Africa.

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