Update: After authorities stepped in, Saturday’s weed scavenger hunt in Oakland has been canceled.

Organizers Bay Area Quest Hunt stated on its website that it was contacted by the City of Oakland/Oakland Police Department and told that it doesn’t have the proper license to hold the event. Bay Area Quest Hunt is not a medical marijuana business.

“Our legal counsel has advised us to cancel our hunt,” the organizer wrote. “We would rather eat our loss then have the supportive members of the medical marijuana community confronted by police. We believe in this event and will work to make it happen in the future.”


A lot of people were fans of the concept and ticket sales were higher than expected, according to SF Weekly. There’s no word yet on how refunds will be issued, but if you bought a ticket, you should contact organizers here.

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Before you immediately ditch work and BART east, you should know that weed isn’t actually falling from the sky, but it may soon be free to low-income Berkeley residents and will be hidden all around Oakland on July 12.

Berkeley's City Council recently approved an ordinance that requires the city’s three medical marijuana dispensaries to donate pot to patients who makes $32,000 a year and up to $46,000 a year in a household of four. The goal is to have Berkeley dispensaries give about two percent of the cannabis they sell annually to low-income patients.

The ordinance stipulates that cannabis “shall be the same quality on average" as the weed "dispensed to other members,” i.e. no brown frown substitutes. It’s awaiting final approval and could become law in August.

Meanwhile, for anyone approved to buy medical marijuana, there’s a weed scavenger hunt happening in Oakland on Saturday at 2 p.m. For $35, the Bay Area Quest Hunt gives participants clues that lead to cards that pay out in weed, specifically “top shelf” eighths and grams of flowers and concentrates, according to organizers.

You’ll need a smartphone to look up information and locations, and organizers recommend using a car to quickly get around, so maybe designate a driver and avoid a hotbox situation. In addition to a cannabis card, participants must have a valid California ID. Registration is open to 500 people and you can sign up here.

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