There was once a time when there was a National League and there was an American League. There was a time when never the twain did meet—until it mattered. Back in those sepia-filtered days, there was a race in each league to the top, and the two teams that snatched the two pennants met in the World Series. In 1989, those teams were the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland A's.

As of June 9 of this year, there were two teams in baseball: The Giants and the A's—1st Place in the NL West and 1st Place in the AL West, respectively, and they owned the two best records in Major League Baseball. Yes, it was only June, but it we began to feel it as fate—the 25th anniversary year of the Bay Bridge Series and the new eastern span of said bridge having just opened—the two local nines were destined to meet again in the World Series!

Then the last four weeks happened and that was that. Caltrans bridge engineers sighed in relief. Granted, all is not lost for the 1989 redux, but with the L.A. Bums now in 1st place in the National League, a 1988 series is now more likely.

Still, thanks to the abominable scourge that is interleague play, the Giants and A's will face off with two games in Oakland and two games in San Francisco.

These games will sell out because we are sheep.

Seventeen years after it was decreed that National League teams and American League teams will play a few games against each other in the regular season, we still flock to see this sorry spectacle and do exactly what it was designed to do: separate fools from their money.

There you will see the type of fan that owns both of these hats. That is not right. That is the type of fan that has never been to the Fillmore but loves Outside Lands. That fan is from Walnut Creek, but claims Oakland, but is a Giants fan—for now. Do not be that fan. Do not support interleague play.*

*Being a Giants fan from Walnut Creek is okay! Being an A's fan from San Mateo is also okay! Being a fan of interleague play is not.


The Giants just took 2 out of 3 from the San Diego Padres. They even won two in a row. That deserves a limp, unenthused huzzah.

Season To-Date: 49-39 (.557), 2nd Place in the NL West (0.5 games)

Last Week
Tue: against the Cards (WON)
Wed: against the Cards (lost)
Thu: against the Cards (lost)
Fri: at San Diego (lost)
Sat: at San Diego (WON)
Sun: at San Diego (WON)

This Week
Mon: at Oakland (do not watch this game)
Tue: at Oakland (do not watch this game)
Wed: against the A's (do not attend this game)
Thu: against the A's (do not attend this game)
Fri: against the D'backs
Sat: against the D'backs
Sun: against the D'backs