Potrero Hill marmot, we hardly know you! Just days after residents of a home near 25th and Rhode Island Streets called authorities to evict the critter, it's headed back to its home in Yosemite National Park.

As you might recall, the Potrero Hill marmot had been hiding out under the deck of an area home for the last few weeks, until its residents called on Wildlife Emergency Services, a Moss Landing non-profit that cares for wild animals in trouble, to remove the squatting ground squirrel.

According to WES president Rebecca Dmytryk, the yellow-bellied marmot was captured Wednesday by Duane Titus, who works with her organization as a "wildlife capture specialist."

SF Gate reports that it's believed that the marmot originated at a lake in Yosemite. Attracted to a visiting driver's delicious, delicious radiator fluid, the marmot likely climbed under the hood and unwittingly stowed away to SF.

Now the marmot, who has been tweeting at @SF Marmot, is headed back to what authorities hope is its home after a quick checkup at the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley.

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