As the 4th of July approaches, the San Francisco Police Department is cracking down on illegal fireworks sales—busting both sellers and buyers. And be aware: All fireworks are illegal in San Francisco, including "safe and sane" ones such as firecrackers and sparklers.

As reported by KTVU, the SFPD went undercover to make a major bust in Chinatown on Monday, June 30. San Francisco Police Department Captain David Lazar told KTVU that they confiscated "destructive devices" (known on the street as M-1000s and M-80s) being sold for $10 a pop.

The seller, 18 year-old Eric Au Yeung, is being charged with felony possession of explosives and child endangerment, the latter because he had a 15 year-old "running" the explosives from a cafe on the 900 block of Grant Street.

Undercover officers will continue to patrol between now and the 4th, Lazar said, adding that "Chinatown is not the place to come to buy fireworks."

In recent years, savvy sellers have taken their business to sites like Craigslist, but don't be tempted because if we can do a quick search to find fireworks online, so can the cops.

You will nonetheless see plenty of illegal displays on Friday afternoon and evening, especially if you live in the Mission. Watch out for falling debris!