At the massive LGBT Pride Parade in San Francisco on Sunday, not-openly-gay Apple CEO Tim Cook joined thousands of other Apple employees in a company contingent, marching to show their support. Several employees posted photos of themselves with Cook in their Apple Pride t-shirts, and while marching, they handed out Pride-themed iTunes gift cards good for one free song.

Cook also took to Twitter to congratulate the 5,000 Apple employees and their families who took part in the parade. "Inclusion inspires innovation," he wrote.

So, just to recap, even though Tim Cook has never officially come out of the closet in the news media, he was at least out enough that we all knew about his sexual orientation at the time that he was tapped to become CEO in 2011, following Steve Jobs' resignation.

And though he was marching with everyone in the parade yesterday, just on Friday there was that bizarre awkwardness on CNBC when then subject of his gayness came up, all because it's an open secret that is nonetheless still supposed to be a little secret?

Can we just stop with all this stupidity already? It's 2014, everyone. I think we can handle Tim Cook being gay and running Apple. He's just doing the Rosie O'Donnell dance around it right now because he probably doesn't feel like he should have make a big thing about it.

Suffice it to say, every gay blog and many news outlets are covering his Pride appearance.

Below, some employees' Instagram and Twitter posts from Sunday morning.