Eurico Chin had time to go for a meandering walk that ended up at the Safeway at Noriega and 30th Avenue: after all, he was unemployed. Perhaps his jobless state was what caused him to consider buying a lottery ticket.

“Why not?” he told the California Lottery he thought on that late May day. “I’m already here, might a well buy" five SuperLotto Plus Quick Pick lines.

On May 24, the winning numbers were announced. The next day, Chin said he went online to check the numbers, and realized that he'd just won $70 million.

“First I was in shock, I couldn’t believe it" said Chin, who has refused media interviews or photos, to the Lottery. "I checked the ticket several times to make sure that I won.”

Chin took the next few weeks to formulate a plan to invest most of his money, though he might also buy a house or a car. He's still deciding on whether to take a one-time cash payment, which is estimated to be nearly $41 million before taxes, or the option that would give him the winnings prior to taxes over the course of 30 years.

Though he hasn't been working, he apparently also took that time to decide to retire, saying “I won’t have to worry about money. And I think that’s the main thing.”

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