File under a positive trend, but depressing news: Facebook is the latest tech company to reveal its workplace diversity demographics and the breakdown is as white and male as data recently released by Google, Yahoo, and LinkedIn. Which poses the question: Where are Twitter’s numbers?

SFist reached out to Twitter to inquire if or when is it jumping on the demographic transparency bandwagon, but communications Senior Manager Jim Prosser would only say: “We’re not announcing anything at the moment.”

Here’s what we do know about Twitter’s track record on diversity: It wasn't until December 2013, after public scrutiny, that the microblogging service got its first female board member.

Before the company went public, Claire Cain Miller of The New York Times called it out: “The board? All white men. The investors? All men. The executive officers?” At the time, the executives were all male except Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s general counsel.

Pre-IPO, Twitter had some women in senior, non-technical roles. One of those women, Chloe Sladden, head of North America media, left the company earlier this month along with a male COO.

If Twitter’s numbers fit the Silicon Valley profile—that is, what we've seen from Facebook and Google—about 70 percent of employees will be male, 30 percent female, and 60 percent white. Check out NPR’s handy comparison of the gender and race breakdown at Facebook, Google, and Yahoo—the last of which fared best in diversity.