The life of an adorable puppy is fraught with peril. The Internet exploits your likeness for saccharine iPhone wallpaper at every turn. Whenever you try to eat your own vomit, everybody freaks out and yells at you. And if you're not super careful, you wind up with your freaking head stuck inside a tire rim somewhere out in East Bakersfield. Those jagoff Dobermans at the dog run are never gonna let you live this one down.

The above photo was shared by the Kern County Fire Department's Facebook page on Friday, and while it didn't happen in San Francisco, this extreme level of cuteness obviously transcends space and time. According to the official Facebook announcement, the unidentified puppy "was stuck in the middle of a rim and was brought to the station by a local resident. Firefighters used cooking oil and creative ingenuity to free the puppy."


ABC 7 adds that "the little pooch is fine and has returned to live with its owner and seven siblings."

And now he joins the proud ranks of recent adorable rescue stories like "5 San Jose cops and a tow-man work to free a kitten trapped inside a car," "Cat saved after riding 50 miles in truck suspension spring," or even "And Now, A Rescued Tabby Reunites With Owner After Dolores Fire." Don't go anywhere, we'll be right back with more Cewebrity Animal Extractions.

TGI Friday AMIRITE? (Courtesy Kern County Fire Department)