You may recall that KRON 4's Stanley Roberts and multiple other reporters have repeatedly chased down Adam Sandler, a.k.a. Dan Sandler, a.k.a. Evil Elmo, who most recently has been spotted hanging around near Stern Grove. Well, now Roberts couldn't resist the opportunity to hunt him down again there, where he's been freaking parents out near a children's day camp at the Parkside Square park and playground, and where a number of fliers have gone up around the area telling people to call 911 if they see him.

So far, it doesn't appear that Sandler's done anything illegal. He's just a dude who seems to have at least some slight mental health issues which tend to surface in the form of racist and anti-Semitic statements — Roberts gets him on camera blaming "South Asians" and "Indians" for being angry at him for how much money he makes doing his Elmo routine and taking photos with tourists. He appears to be explaining why he's not hanging around Fisherman's Wharf anymore. Roberts also shames him for living in his van (which he denies, and which would technically be illegal), and for possibly ripping down one of the scare-posters about him, which he denies.

He tells Roberts, perhaps mistaking him for this Chronicle reporter, "After your article a guy assaulted me with a stick, and he went to jail."

Yes, Sandler did once run a Cambodian porn site called Welcome to Rape Camp, and back in his New York days in 2012 he was once dragged away from the Central Park Zoo, in handcuffs, in an ambulance, after a particularly obscenity-filled rant.

The most he appears to be guilty of during his time in San Francisco, besides racist rants, is being an aggressive panhandler when it comes to asking tourists for cash when he poses for photos with them. And basically, he appears just to be trying to make a living, albeit in an Elmo costume, creeping around places where there are children.

I'm almost starting to feel bad for the guy...

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