1 California service was briefly delayed Thursday when a passenger removed all his clothing, covered his penis with a sock, and refused the leave the bus.

SF Weekly spoke with SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose, who said that when the 19-year-old man disrobed, the bus driver put on the brakes and told the hosiery aficionado that he needed to hop off the vehicle.

When the man refused, as you can see in KTVU's "raw" (and, depending on where you work, perhaps a but NSFW) video below, police were called and the bus was evacuated.

When asked to get off the emptied bus by what appears to be a passerby, the nearly-nude man said "if I get off the bus the operator's gonna come on and leave, and I want to get this sorted out," before taking a seat in those reserved for the elderly and disabled and resuming a conversation with an SFPD officer.

Speaking directly to the KTVU cameraperson, the man said "I am not breaking any law. I got documentation from MTA yesterday through email. They say as long as my cock, balls, and genitals are covered, and my anus area, I'm legal."

It gets a little harder to hear what he says after that, but I'm pretty sure he said something about wearing a jock strap on either the 24 or the 44. Sounds fun.

However, the police apparently concurred with the man's legal argument, as, according to officer Albie Esparza, he wasn't arrested and eventually left under his own power.