A 9-year-old New Mexico girl wandered away from her family's campsite on Friday in Samuel P. Taylor State Park in Marin, and the report of her going missing prompted a 200-person search-and-rescue effort. She was found, uninjured, by some mountain bikers Saturday morning, and reunited with her parents, as the Chron and others are reporting.

The girl, Ida Rothschild, disappeared just after noon on Friday, and after her father realized that he hadn't seen her in a half hour, the family began searching for her. She had gotten lost in the dense redwood forest, and they were unable to locate her after searching for an hour, so they called authorities for help. The story quickly made it on all the local TV stations Friday night, and parents across the Bay quietly freaked out about this.

The search involved at least 150, or 200 people, depending on who you ask, and went on all night.

As it happens, Ida is just a wanderer, and ended up being found about 2.5 miles away, having hiked all night to try to get back to her parents. The mountain bikers found her around 9 a.m. this morning shouting for her mom on a hillside.

Reportedly, the first thing she said to her tearful mother was, "Mom, I'm fine."

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