On Friday morning additional documents related to the federal case against Ryan Chamberlain were unsealed. According to the search warrant, the FBI claims Chamberlain bought lethal toxins through black market websites and had them shipped to his Russian Hill apartment.

The affidavit accompanying the search warrant (embedded below) lays out the details that put the FBI, as well as the ATF and Department of Homeland Security onto Chamberlain in the first place. According to the text, Chamberlain was using an anonymous, Internet marketplace known as "Black Market Reloaded" to buy biological agents and lethal toxins such as abrin, ricin and pure nicotine from sellers in California and Florida. Homeland Security has been looking into Black Market Reloaded since at least April 2013, and the warrant compares the site to a Darknet version of eBay or Amazon that is only accessible through the anonymous Tor network and takes payment via Bitcoin held in escrow.

The FBI also claims a Black Market Reloaded seller, identified only as "Witness 2" shipped toxins from a UPS store in Vacaville, California to two people: an anonymous witness in New York who claimed they purchased the poison to commit suicide and a recipient named Ryan Kelly, who happened to share an address with the suspect Ryan Kelly Chamberlain II at Polk and Jackson Streets. The suspect "Kelly" told Witness 2 he wanted to buy the poison to help suffering cancer patients and Witness 2 agreed to sell him a quantity of abrin for $250. Witness 2, however, got spooked when the suspect started asking whether abrin would show up on an autopsy.

Instead of sending the pure abrin, Witness two sent two vials of "ground rosary peas" —the plant from which abrin is made— in a powder "ground finely enough to be aerosolized." According to an FBI lab, the powder contained enough abrin to kill hundreds of people, but would require further work on the suspect's part to purify it into a toxin. The vials were shipped inside of two small Harbor Freight flashlights with the batteries removed. The suspect later contacted Witness 2 to complain that the poison did not work and the two cut off communication.

Finally, a separate Homeland Security and FBI investigation turned up a Florida resident, identified as Witness 3, selling ricin, abrin and hallucinogenic mushrooms on Black Market Reloaded. Witness 3 was busted in January 2014. On Witness 3's laptop, the FBI found a shipping label made out to Ryan Kelly at Chamberlain's Polk Street address and shipped on June 26th, 2013. Witness 3 testified that he had extracted pure nicotine from nicotine patches and sent it to Chamberlain's address hidden inside a VHS cassette case. The suspect even left feedback on Witness 3's Black Market Reloaded page.

Although Ryan Chamberlain is currently charged with possession of an illegal destructive device, none of the documents refer to an explosive. Because it was issued before the search, it also does not mention the alleged bomb-making materials found in a messenger bag at Chamberlain's apartment.

Earlier today, Chamberlain's attorney Jodi Linker requested her client be transferred to a lockdown mental health facility at San Francisco General Hospital. Chamberlain, who has no history of mental health treatment or use of drugs to treat mental illness, has been ordered to get a psych evaluation, but Judge Cousins denied Linker's request for a transfer today. Chamberlain remains in custody at the San Francisco Hall of Justice. According to the Weekly, Linker told Judge Cousins today that she does not intend to enter a plea for her client anytime soon.

Redacted Crim Comp Chamberlain by Justin Perez

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