Infamous Johnny Depp inspiration and former cocaine kingpin George Jung was released from prison earlier this week after doing nearly two decades hard time for drug smuggling. Fresh out of prison, the man who was once responsible for 85% of the cocaine in the country headed to San Francisco where a paparazzo from TMZ was there to meet him at the SFO baggage claim on Monday.

The 71-year-old Massachusetts native told the stimulant-addled gossip site his first meal after getting out of prison was "clam chowder" (the white kind, obviously) and that he had already made plans to reunite with this estranged daughter, who was apparently last seen in a hallucinatory jail yard scene from director Ted Demme:

Heartwarming reunions aside, Jung apparently picked up some zen-like wisdom during those nearly 20 years in prison: "Life is a rodeo, the only thing you have to do is stay in the saddle," he told TMZ before quoting Aerosmith, "and I'm back in the saddle again." For now, that saddle is reportedly a San Francisco halfway house.