On Monday, SF Mayor Ed Lee presented his proposed two-year balanced budget for Fiscal Year 2014-15 and 2015-16. It now heads to the Board of Supervisors for their approval (or lack thereof). Here are some of the figures in that budget, for your approval (or lack thereof).

  • $4.2 billion: San Francisco's budget in 1999
  • $7.9 billion: Last year's budget
  • $8.6 billion: The proposed annual budget for fiscal years 2014-15 and 2015-16
  • 1,400: The number of new city employees proposed
  • 300: The number of new cops to be hired
  • 96 The number of new firefighters to be hired
  • 150: The number of new public health workers to be hired
  • 196: The number of new Muni staffers to be hired
  • 29,086: The total number of city workers proposed for 2015
  • $239 million: The increase in city worker payroll over the next two years
  • $135 million: The amount of money to be spent on public schools for the next two years
  • 500: The number of new kindergarten slots to be funded by this budget
  • $14 million: The amount of money budgeted for affordable housing last year
  • $94 million: The amount to be spent on affordable housing over the next two years
  • $19.5 million: The amount of money SF had set aside for a local renewable energy program that Mayor Lee plans on diverting elsewhere
  • 1.5%: The bump in funding for for nonprofits that receive over $500 million in annual city contracts

All figures from S.F. mayor calls for huge boost in affordable housing funds, SF Chronicle, June 2, 2014
You can read the full budget documents here.