Back in February, rumors swirled that Google would be buying a building in San Francisco's hallowed Mission District. It was billed as an attempt to lure more tech talent that wasn't keen on working at the Mountain View's suburban campus or the company's corporate office on the Embarcadero. That rumor turned out to be false, but the building originally suspected to be going to Google will become an actual chocolate factory.

Dandelion Chocolate, which opened a factory on Valencia Street back in 2012, will be taking over the space at Alabama Street and 16th Streets, making Dandelion the latest addition to the Mission Creek neighborhood, where local manufacturing is becoming a thing. The company will be keeping their Valencia Street location and also adding a kiosk in the Ferry Building.

The local chocolate company announced the new factory late last week, but the tech gossip blogs don't overlap with the food blogs quite as much as one might think they would. The plugged-in real estate watchers from Socketsite, however, took a moment to remind everyone they debunked the Financial Times rumor shortly after it broke in February, but this new info confirms the non-existence of a Mission District Google HQ. Unless they snap up something in Mission Bay, that is.