Hunter Pence remains in a state of deep melancholia after his scooter was swiped from outside Epic Roasthouse on Sunday. "He had a sad face on," Bochy said in the hours following the theft. "I've never seen that from Hunter." But a faint, barely perceivable glimmer of hope appears on the horizon for the millionaire ballplayer.

Lefty O'Doul's will dole out $200 and two free drinks to the person who returns Pence's stolen scooter. The guy or gal who lifted Pence's ride will not only get two crisp, unmarked $100 bills, they will also get 10-minute head start before Giants fans take matters into their own hands.

"O'Doul's has a lot of Pence fans," old-time press agent Lee Houskeeper tells SFist. "If they want to sit and drink, that's up to them, but we've got a lot of Hunter Pence fans."

As for surveillance, there will be camera rolling in the bar; however, none of it will go to the police. "[The thief] can trust us; they'll be anonymous. There will be surveillance, yes, but we will not give any footage to Chief Shur. We will protect their anonymity." (The scooter can be returned to Lefty O'Doul's at 333 Geary, M-F 7:00 am - 2:00 am.)

In related news, Epic Roasthouse will give two free dinners for the scooter's return. And Pence himself will offer a reward of an autographed Pence-on-scooter bobblehead.