After Police Chief Greg Suhr decided last week to ban nudity from Bay to Breakers, even though the event was one of the specific exceptions made in the ordinance that officially banned nudity on our streets as of 2012, our local nude die-hards went ballistic. And so it stands to reason that nudist activist Gypsy Taub was out there naked on Sunday, with a video camera, going up to cops and daring them to give her a citation.

Update: As commenter Russell Mills reports, Taub was cited by police. "Many of the nude participants at the event were illegally ordered to dress [by police] or be cited. The difference between them and Gypsy is that Gypsy stood up for her rights and refused to knuckle under to the harassment, whereas the other victims complied and covered up until the cops went away."

So what's the story, SFPD? How are these citations legal if the law had a Bay to Breakers exception written into it? Now they've just given the nude activist more reason to challenge them in court.

Taub helped organize another nudity ban protest on Saturday at Jane Warner Plaza in the Castro, and she now makes her public appearances wearing a crown that says "RECALL WIENER" on it, referring to Supervisor Scott Wiener's role in sponsoring the nudity ban.

And on Saturday she tweeted a link to the statement by Suhr, saying, "Police State is here - SF Chief of Police is now above the law."

You'll recall that Taub was recently married, in a nude, public ceremony at City Hall that doubled as a protest, to her 20-year-old husband Jaymz, though he was not by her side at Sunday's race. And as she admitted to the Chronicle in December, "I'm a big rebel and I just like to stir shit up."