Longtime Chronicle restaurant critic Michael Bauer will be hosting (is that the word?) a Twitter chat today starting at noon, in part to discuss this year's Top 100 and to prove that the Chron is down with all things Internet and social media.

Also on board for the chat will be Inside Scoop blogger Paolo Lucchesi, so you can address questions to either or both of them, and/or just follow along using the hashtag #Top100restaurants.

Bauer also went on KQED's Forum this morning, and took calls from eaters around the Bay who still do things like call into radio shows. The recording of that broadcast will be live here in an hour or two.

You can expect at least two people to complain that there aren't enough restaurants in Walnut Creek or Palo Alto on the Top 100, to which Mr. Bauer will counter, "There simply aren't any great restaurants that compare to S.F. restaurants in your town, darling."

Also, people will complain that there isn't enough ethnic food represented on the list, and that food has become too expensive, and that restaurants are too noisy these days, and ask "How do you keep from keeling over of a coronary when you eat out so much??" Mr. Bauer is, as you may expect, pretty accustomed to such questions after 28 years at this job.

We look forward to an alternately polite and egregiously insulting onslaught of words to come @michaelbauer1 starting shortly.