According to SFPD chief Greg Suhr, the city's murder rate has been way, way down for the first part of 2014. To date, San Francisco has seen only four homicides.

"This could very well be the all-time low in the history of San Francisco," Chief Suhr told KCBS Radio. By the end of April last year, San Francisco had seen 12 total homicides. In 2008 there were 36 homicides in the first three months of the year.

Suhr believes his departments outreach and eduction efforts have helped get guns off the streets in recent years. He also attributed the low crime rate to local communities that are "helping kinds make better choices," the Mayor's Office for its jobs program, and the S.F. Unified School District, where the dropout rate is now below 10 percent.

Last year, there were 48 total homicides in the city, although the overall crime rate actually went up.