Like their counterparts in the SF, BART cops have been running bait bike sting operations in an attempt to thwart the cowardly types who steal bikes from outside the East Bay BART stations. This week, one of those operations not only brought down two suspects on felony grand theft charges, but one of them, as described by authorities, is one of the "top three bike thieves in the area."

According to a release from BART, the suspects were nabbed near Pleasant Hill Station. One of the suspects was even caught riding a bike that had been reported stolen from UC Davis some 60 miles away. The operation went down on Tuesday, April 29th and involved officers from BART PD, SFPD and the Contra Costa Sheriff's Department. The SFPD supplied the bait bike.

“Not only did BART Police arrest two suspects," BART PD Lt. Michael Hayes explained, "but one of them is a repeat bike theft offender in Contra Costa County, having been arrested multiple times." According to the Contra Costa Sheriff's Department, that suspect was the aforementioned thievery kingpin. Their names, however, are not being released at this time.

The bike stolen from UC Davis was registered with campus police and now being returned to its rightful owner. (Speaking of, if you're worried about your own ride disappearing, here's how to register your bike.)

Finally, according to BART’s quarterly numbers, bike thefts on or around BART property are down: there were 168 in the second quarter of the agency's fiscal year, which is 75 fewer than the same period the year before.

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Bait Bikes Ready To Nab S.F. Bike Thieves