While simultaneously touting the impending crackdown by city leaders on this year's 4/20 craziness, Park Station police captain Greg Corrales included in his typically amusing Park Station Newsletter this week an Associated Press article about a recent study pointing to the negative cognitive effects of casual pot smoking on the brain. He also includes a Billie Holiday quote about the evils of "dope" — I guess he wasn't aware that Holiday was a heroin addict, and that's the dope she was talking about.

You can see both below in a page from his weekly newsletter — which, sadly, is no longer filled with his colorful descriptions of perps after SFist and others have publicized their hilarity. Corrales now sticks to the bare-bones facts in his incident reports, without any elaboration, save for the occasional item like the one below, from this week. Note: He has frequently used the 1930s cult classic title The Weed With Roots In Hell as a stand-in for pot in his writings.


So, what's up with a San Francisco police officer, in this day and age, when basically he can't even bust people for possession because it's been made the lowest of low priorities, being so virulently anti-pot? Kind of weird, right? Maybe it frustrates him that he can't bust every hippie in the Upper Haight for sparking up a joint, and so he works out his frustration via the newsletter.

Oh, those law-and-order guys.