Local cabbie Trevor Johnson left his seat on the S.F. Cab Drivers Association board of directors yesterday after videos of shady activity turned up on his YouTube channel.

"SHITS," by the way, is Johnson's acronym for "Smartphone Hail-able Illegal Taxi Services" — otherwise known by the California Public Utilities Commission as "Transportation Networking Companies."

Although Johnson, who maintains a brusque twitter presence, didn't mention the exact reason for his departure from the voluntary position. The Chronicle, however, notes that he stepped down after videos, with names like "smack dat ass" and "stupid bitches," resurfaced.

Johnson recorded the videos in his cab and said they were meant to remain private. One showed him slapping the rear end of a friend (at her request, he said); another featured a group of seemingly inebriated women trying to cram seven people into a four-person taxi.

The president of the SFCDA apologized for the distraction, mentioning that the rest of the board found the videos "inappropriate and offensive."

Johnson, for his part, issued a slick mea culpa: "I live a pretty unapologetic life," he told the Chronicle. "But sometimes in your professional life you have to apologize, and this is one of those times.” Then, like a taxi blowing by you with its light on, Johnson dismissed the haters with one inspirational pic:

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(Entry image credit: Nick Fisher)