While BART insists that reports of bed bugs on its trains are very rare, a BART train was taken out of service last Thursday for cleaning after a passenger reported finding bed bugs on his legs soon after getting off the train. Ick.

The passenger got on the SFO-bound train at 19th Street in Oakland and reported finding the bugs shortly after he arrived at work.

The train was located and taken out of service immediately, and as the Contra Costa Times reports, BART spokesperson Alicia Trost had this to say about the matter, in an official statement: "Our vehicles are not conducive hosts for insect habitation or propagation, but it is possible that insects can be introduced via the person or belongings of any other riders,Reports of bedbugs are very rare. No other reports have come in."

I'm not sure it's a true statement that all those disgusting, upholstered wool seats with all their little crevices are "not conducive hosts" for bed bugs. But this is just one more reason to head for the cars with the newer, vinyl seats.

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