Last night around Bernal Heights and Portola, three Smart cars were flipped over in the streets. One witness described seeing a group of about six to eight hoodie-wearing suspects huddled around one of the sensible vehicles before they lifted it, up onto the bumper and left it to die like sad, urban tortoise.

All three of the flipped cars were found between Sunday night and Monday morning. One was found on Anderson Street, on the south side of Bernal Heights Park. Two more were found further south across Alemany Blvd and Interstate 280 on Sweeny Street. Witness Brandon Michael, who was out having a cigarette around 1 a.m. this morning, told NBC Bay area, the group of hoodlums, "looked like they were up to no good," and that the aftermath made the cars look kind of cute, actually: "They look like they are dachshunds sitting up on their hind legs," Michael explained.

Apparently flipping the easy-to-park glorified urban golf carts isn't exactly a new phenomenon, nor is it unique to San Francisco. Our generally peaceful neighbors to the north in Canada also have a thing for flipping Smart cars: In 2009, the Toronto Star called Smart Car tipping "the latest prank trend" and in 2011, a Youtube video from the Stanley Cup riots in Vancouver shows a group of unruly Canucks fans leaving a tiny white on on its roof. There's even an entire Facebook page devoted to Smart Car Tipping, although its creator calls the page a "parody" in the About section.

ABC7 has "the video that you have to see:"

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