Would-be lawbreakers in San Francisco might want to think twice these days, as the cops are reportedly more on edge than ever before. According to an SFPD spokesperson, recent threats made against officers have put the agency on "high alert," and in fear for their safety.

According to the SF Examiner, an anonymous caller has promised to rain vengeance down upon the department after their fatal shooting of Bernal Heights man Alejandro Nieto on March 21.

According to police, at 7 PM that day they received reports of a man—Nieto—with a gun at Bernal Heights Park. Police claim that when they arrived, Nieto pointed his weapon, later discovered to be a taser he used for his job as a nightclub bouncer, at them. Multiple officers fired, and Nieto was killed.

Community members and friends of Nieto's, shocked and disturbed by the shooting, packed an SFPD town hall on the incident and later marched in Nieto's honor.

And, apparently also as a result, at least one person has phoned in a promise to avenge Nieto's death. “There had been threats made against San Francisco police officers,” Officer Albie Esparza confirmed to the Ex.

“Officers were informed department wide to exercise high officer safety tactics when out in the public due to these threats,” Esparza said.

Esparza refused to offer further information on the nature of the call, saying that “details about the incident are not available as this is being investigated.”

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