Hold your hats and hallelujah, Rose is gonna show it to you. And if that dated musical reference doesn't do it for you, this will: noted Chinatown power player Rose Pak, who has a good say in how San Francisco is run, was ahead of the curve when it came to the recent allegations surrounding Senator Leland Yee.

From a July 25, 2011 SF Weekly interview with Rose Pak:

How about Leland Yee? He's a Chinese-American politician.
Leland Yee is one of the most morally corrupt politicians I've ever encountered in 40 years. From the first day he stepped in as the school board member, lying to get his children to the preferred assigned school using a phony address, selling his services to Chinese-American parents who would cut an arm or leg to get their kid to the right schools ... he did all of that.

So I don't think he stood for anything decent in our community except to come and take money and then claiming to be the first Asian this and Asian that, but he doesn't impress me. He doesn't stand for anything except corruption and bribery.

Pak stayed as far away as possible from Yee. Rose has her enemies and Leland was one of them. She's no dummy. She knows any relationships that makes her vulnerable will be her downfall. Same went with Shrimp Boy; though he's a Chinatown player, she avoided him. Smart move.

I should, of course, point out that the allegations are just that: allegations. Senator Yee still gets his day in court to answer for federal corruption and weapons charges. But Rose knows things, people. Rose knows.