Hello Kitty celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Aw. And with that, the fine folks at Sanrio have expanded their Major League Baseball-themed collection for the 2014 baseball season to highlight all 30 MLB teams. That's right. And if you thought the panda costumery was too much, wait until you get a load of my Badtz-Maru Buster Posey shirt. (Fingers crossed!)

"Season after season, we look for new and creative ways to expand our offerings to reach specific fans, so teaming up with an iconic brand like Hello Kitty gives our fans a fun new way to support their favorite team,” said Howard Smith, Senior Vice President, Licensing, Major League Baseball.

You're damn right, Howard!

What's more, Hello Kitty will make special game time appearances with the (awful) Los Angeles Dodgers, your San Francisco Giants, and the New York Yankees this season. Best of all, though, your SFist editor will no longer have to purchase copyright-infringement t-shirts from sketchy vendors along McCovey Cove. Par example:

Pst, June 8th is Hello Kitty plush gift day at AT&T Park.