Google Glass Explorer Sarah Slocum has released an extended cut of her head-mounted video from that fateful incident at Molotov's. The new version, which she shot herself from a camera attached to her face, shows Slocum exchanging profanities with other bar patrons and the conversations that ensued leading up to the alleged attack.

SF Weekly alleged that Slocum was hurling those insults at people who asked not to be recorded. She can also be heard saying, "Wait, wait, I wanna get this white trash on tape for as long as I can."

When reached for comment, Slocum told SFist via email that she was "never asked by anyone not to record them." On her personal blog, she penned a lengthy missive in which she claimed she was justified filming bar patrons because "someone who doesn't want to be recorded, doesn't go around flipping off and verbally accosting someone with a camera."

She went on to defend herself further, telling SFist: "After I had been flipped off, called a bitch, told to get out, had people trying to assault and rob me of the Google Glass, and had dirty bar rags thrown at me yeah, I cursed at them back." She later explained that she only began recording the video when the "off-duty bartender" (allegedly) flipped her off, threw a bar rag at her, and said "Fuck Google."

Last week's Sarah Slocum stories included the revelation from the LA Times that she once admitted in court to recording her neighbors in Aptos, California. SF Weekly also reported that she had multiple restraining orders against her, including one from her own mother. Slocum claims her neighbors in Aptos were unjustly awarded a restraining order against her and she explained to SF Weekly that she is now on good terms with her mother.

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