The story around Google's most divisive beta tester Sarah Slocum continues to unravel this week. Today, SF Weekly reports that Slocum's own mother took out a restraining order against her in 2011.

The LA Times broke the news earlier this week that Slocum has admitted in court to secretly recording her neighbors using her smartphone back in 2012. But the Weekly dug further into the incident, only to learn the details around the restraining order her neighbors in Aptos took out against her. Before the incident with the cellphone recording, Slocum apparently was acting erratic around her neighbors months before:

"Ms. Slocum came into our home claiming to have been poisoned by the CIA and begging for protection and assistance," reads the May 2012 restraining order filed by erstwhile neighbor Jessie Campbell. "I offered to take her to the ER. She agreed and as we were getting ready to go, she suddenly became violent..."

According to Campbell's restraining order, also quoted by the Weekly, Slocum scratched at her eyes, pushed her down and caused her to hit her head on a bookcase before she ran at Campbell's husband, scratched his face and fled the house. Slocum has already taken to twitter to offer her side of the story, claiming Campbell's husband was part of a bike gang and that he had chased her around with an ax:

What's more: Maya Slocum, who the Weekly has identified as Sarah's mother, had a restraining order placed on her daughter in 2011 due to accusations of domestic violence. Slocum conceded that point on Twitter this afternoon as well, but her timeline of events doesn't make sense. She claims that tensions were high with her mother after the alleged CIA/food poisoning incident that occurred in 2012, even though Maya Slocum's restraining order was already granted in 2011.

And to finally put to rest the question of whether Ms. Slocum has a complete grasp of the law, records show she violated the 2012 restraining order to stay away from the Campbells' home in Aptos by repeatedly returning to the property until it was amended in December of 2012.

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