We already know that San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh has mastered the sport of basketball, so now it looks like he's on to the next big challenge: training the creatures of the sea.

Like Neptune, he charmed Siku, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom's 1,750 pound female Pacific walrus into doing pushups. OK, maybe he didn't do the charming—there appears to be a trainer with a bucket of something wonderful standing by during the whole thing, presumably offering an incentive.

According to a Six Flags spokesperson, Harbaugh was visiting the Vallejo-based park on Sunday with his family, where he also got to kiss a sea lion, bottle-feed a tiger, and meet an elephant.

While seeing the coach messing around with a giant sea creature is wild, even wilder is seeing Harbaugh in something other than his usual terrible pants. Someone give that man a treat from the bucket!