Fire Department officials and at least one firefighter stand accused of being evasive and dishonest throughout the investigation into the death of 15-year-old Ye Meng Yuan following last summer's Asiana Airlines crash at SFO. The new details arrive via 200 pages of investigative documents from the Police Department.

We don't learn anything that we didn't already know from the Chron report about the documents, except that as evidence was being gathered into which SFFD rig had run over Ye and when, the fire department wasn't being completely forthright and cooperative, at least according to police. They cite testimony by firefighter Elyse Duckett, who is thought to have been the second person to run over Ye's body in the chaotic moments following the crash, but who at first denied it was possible.

Helmet camera footage later contradicted her statements, and she has had to admit to her part in the incident; however, Duckett and her attorney have gone on to insist that earlier footage shows that a rig driven by firefighter Jimmy Yee was actually the first to run over Ye, and thus Duckett was not likely responsible for killing her. The police actually concluded that Yee ran over the girl's lower body twice before Duckett's rig ran over the girl's head.

Meanwhile, that earlier footage appears to have been concealed temporarily by Fire Department officials after they discovered it, perhaps to protect Yee.

In any event, the San Mateo County prosecutor concluded already that no charges would be brought against the firefighters because there was no clear evidence of criminal negligence.