Nationally-syndicated TV critic learns that that "Comcast Doesn't Give a F*ck" video is actually a documentary. The hard way. [SF Chronicle]

Treasure Island is chock full of radioactivity and toxic waste, this much we know. Now the SF Fire Department says the Navy also left behind black mold, and they might end up suing. [ABC7]

Two interesting, SF-specific photosets: Thomas Alleman's 80s era shots of the Castro, and Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel's Bay Area "ambiguous and somewhat surreal billboard imagery" from the 70s and 80s. [HuffPo]

Looking will be shooting on Haight from Masonic to Stanyan on Thursday. [Haightertation]

"Shit is hitting the fan in the California State University system" begins this op-ed on the infrastructure issues plaguing the schools. [Golden Gate X-Press]

Opposition to the SFMTA's tech bus $1 per stop program may delay it for months, making the buses' use of Muni stops illegal. Will they get ticketed? What do you think? [SF Examiner]

According to an attorney for the family, Uber has never offered a personal apology to the family of Sofia Liu, who was allegedly struck and killed by one of their drivers. [SFBG]

Hey, wants to watch the SFMTA "Budget Town Hall" that was held on Saturday? (Fave quote, from a public commenter to the SFMTA: "You're oblivious. You're delusional.") Here it is, below. [SFGovTV/YouTube]